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Tenant e-Mails Help to Collect Rent Online

by Kris

Posted on Thursday March 29, 2018 at 02:34AM in Software Updates

Tenant e-Mails Help to Collect Rent Online

Landlord Software emails help to Collect Rent Online

We have enhanced our e-mail service to make it easier for landlords to collect rent on-line and for tenants to stay up-to-date.  

Previously, tenants didn't receive additional e-mail notices until they accepted their e-mail invitation and created an account on Schedule My Rent. Now tenants receive additional e-mails, even if they haven't setup an account yet. Tenants will receive rent reminders, change notices, late notices, late fee notices, and other notices as long as they are active on a lease.

Each tenants' name and e-mail are listed on the bottom of each lease. Tenants receive an e-mail invitation as soon as a lease is created.  A landlord is also able to re-send a tenant's e-mail invitation by editing the lease and then clicking the Re-send Invitation button next to the tenant's name. For tenants that have not created an account yet, each e-mail notice now contains a link for the tenant to create an account which reduces the need for landlords to re-send tenant invitation e-mails.

Tenants can pay their rent with cash at one of MoneyGram's 30,000 retail locations.  If a tenant has setup an account, instructions for paying with cash are shown on the tenant's dashboard.  If a tenant hasn't setup an account yet, each email provides details of how to pay with cash at a MoneyGram location.

Landlords can see if a tenant has been sent an invitation email by clicking on the tenant status button.  Landlords can also see a complete list of e-mails that tenants have been sent by clicking on the tenant e-mail button. 

What if tenants don't want these e-mail messages or don't want as many e-mails?
Tenant e-mails now contain a link to select which e-mails a tenant wants to see.  If a tenant has already created an account, the tenant can click on the Notifications tab at the top of their tenant dashboard to change selections.  Tenants can select to receive or not receive any of the e-mails listed below.

  • Notice(s) that rent is due
  • Confirmation that you scheduled a payment
  • Confirmation that AutoPay is setup
  • Notice that a payment was cancelled
  • Notice that an amount due was changed
  • Notice that an amount is past due
  • Notice that a late fee was added
  • Notice that a late fee was waived

There are additional e-mails, such as returned payment e-mails, that tenants always receive and cannot opt-out of.

Tenants automatically receive custom emails so they always know their status and when to pay rent.  Tenants can also log into their on-line dashboard to see lease terms, history, AutoPay, and their current status.

Schedule My Rent makes it easy to collect rent online by automatically sending tenants e-mails when their status has changed so that tenants always stay up-to-date.

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