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Collect Rent Online and Save Time

Landlord software for one unit...or multiple units, businesses, and bank accounts.

Manage everything with a single sign-on.
Landlord software that automatically:
  • Reminds tenants every time a payment is due or is late
  • Collects rent from tenant’s bank account
  • Enables tenants to pay with cash at any MoneyGram location in the United States. Find a location near you
  • Collects rent monthly, twice per month, or weekly...choose the specific days you want
  • Splits rent between roommates
  • Adds late fees after the grace period (one-time and daily fee options)
  • Adds return fees (We pay these fees to the landlord. Most other companies kept these fees.)
  • Shows unit name on your bank statement to make it easy to balance
  • Sends authorization and payment receipts, even when a landlord is paid directly
Easy Setup:
  • We walk you through every step

It's Easy for Tenants to Pay Rent Online

Landlord Software Enter Lease
Landlord enters lease
Landlord Software Email
e-Mail invitation is automatically sent to tenants
Tenant Portal - Resident Portal - Pay Rent Online
Tenants sign up and
pay rent
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It's Easy for Landlords to Collect Rent Online

Collect Rent Online - Dashboard and e-mail Summary
Easily review the payment status of all properties and all units on one screen with a single sign-on. Quickly see if tenants have paid or scheduled a payment. Easily add utility bills or change rent.
See: Landlord Sofware Dashboard
e-Mail Summary:
Receive a color-coded e-Mail status every day there is a change in your payment status. Quickly see a complete picture, including all amounts due, amounts received, and payments that are scheduled.
See: Collect Rent Online e-Mail

How We Save You More Time

Schedule My Rent Other Companies
Single sign-on for multiple businesses Most don't offer
Tenants can pay with their bank account
Tenants can pay with their credit/debit card Coming Soon
Tenants can pay with cash at any MoneyGram retail location in the United States Most don't offer
Days for money to be deposited into your bank account (business days) 3 Many are 5+ days or charge additional fees for 3 days
Tenants can schedule a bank payment late in the day for withdrawal as soon as the following business day 6 PM EST, 7 days a week Many have earlier times and don't support Saturday and Sunday, which adds an additional day
Landlords have the option to not allow partial tenant payments or to stop payments immediately. These options can be very important during notice or eviction periods. Many don't offer the ability to control
Collect rent twice per month Some offer
Collect rent weekly Most don't offer
Easily increase or decrease rent or fees with one-time adjustments Some offer
Control the order that payments are applied (rent first, fees first, or oldest first) Most don't offer
Ability to deposit money in a different bank account for every lease Most don't offer
Late fee added automatically Some offer
Daily late fee added automatically Most don't offer
Return fee is automatically added to tenant's account and landlord keeps the fee Most don't pass fee to landlord
CSV and e-mail reports Some offer
Easy bank reconciliation (Show the custom unit description on the landlord's bank statement) Most don't show the unit which makes it harder to balance

Our Simple Pricing

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum fee
  • No long-term contract
  • Receive rent in industry-leading 3 business days
Some companies offer "free" services, but may charge $2.99/month/unit to transfer rent in 3 days instead of 5 or more days. Some companies have hidden tenant transaction and return fees in the fine print. We don't.

Unlimited units
Payments made directly to landlord
Fast rent transfers
Full customization
When tenants make payments with their bank account or with cash at MoneyGram
First 5 payments per month (each)
Additional payments per month (each)
Returned bank payments

Pay with your bank account
Setup AutoPay so you don’t forget
Receive e-mail reminders and receipts
Split rent with roommates
Safely pay with cash at any MoneyGram location - convenience fee at retailer
"Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service and support! I will surely let all of my peers with rentals know about this fantastic experience."
- Amanda K., Iowa
"I liked it a lot. I can see what I owe and pay electronically. I can see my history and if my roommate paid. Everybody should do it this way."
- Kim T., NM

We have Safely Collected Millions of Dollars for Landlords

Landlord Software - Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A
  • Bank-level encryption
    (AES-256) to protect your information
  • Our rent collection is safer and easier than checks, money orders, or meeting tenants to collect cash
Always stay in control
  • Never give tenants your bank account information
  • Allow or stop partial payments
  • Instantly stop additional payments from a tenant during an eviction process