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Landlord software for one unit...or multiple units, businesses, and bank accounts.

Manage everything with a single sign-on.
Landlord software that automatically:
  • Reminds tenants every time a payment is due or is late
  • Collects rent from tenant’s bank account
  • Enables tenants to pay with cash at any MoneyGram location. Find a location near you
  • Collects rent monthly, twice per month, or weekly...choose the specific days you want
  • Splits rent between roommates
  • Adds late fees after the grace period (one-time and daily fee options)
  • Adds return fees, which are paid to the landlord
  • Shows unit name on your bank statement
  • Sends authorization and payment receipts, even when a landlord is paid directly

It's Easy for Tenants to Pay Rent Online

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Landlord Software Email
e-Mail invitation is automatically sent to tenants
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It's Easy for Landlords to Collect Rent Online

Collect Rent Online - Dashboard and e-mail Summary
Easily review the payment status of all properties and all units on one screen with a single sign-on. Quickly see if tenants have paid or scheduled a payment. Easily add utility bills or change rent.
See: Landlord Sofware Dashboard
e-Mail Summary:
Receive a color-coded e-Mail status every day there is a change in your payment status. Quickly see a complete picture, including all amounts due, amounts received, and payments that are scheduled.
See: Collect Rent Online e-Mail

Our Pricing

Simple Pricing

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum fee
  • No long-term contract
  • Receive rent in industry-leading 3 business days

First 5 payments per month (each)
Additional payments for the entire month (each)
Return or NSF fee

Some companies offer "free" services, but may charge $2.99/month/unit to transfer funds in 3 days instead of 5 or more days. Some companies have hidden tenant transaction fees in the fine print. We don't.

Bank payments
Cash payments - convenience fee at retailer

Landlord Software - We Save You Time

Landlord Software - Save Time
Save Time
  • Automatically lets tenants know that their rent is due, rent is late, and rent has returned
  • Automatically collects late fees (one-time and daily) and returned payment fees...easily waive fees with one button
  • Automatically sends rent payments to your bank account
  • Automatically sends electronic payment receipts, even if a tenant pays you directly
  • CSV and excel reports
  • Applies payments to rent first, fees first, or oldest amount due first
  • Automatically sends a color-coded e-mail summary every day your payment status changes
    - see all amounts due, received, and scheduled
Landlord Software - Easy
Easy & Powerful
  • Industry leading landlord software shows a summary of all rent payments across all properties on one screen
  • Single sign-on manages multiple businesses, multiple properties, and multiple bank accounts
  • Easily increase or decrease rent or fees with one-time adjustments
  • Easily identify each payment on your bank statement because we show your custom "Apartment Name" on each payment
  • Easily allows tenants to split rent between roommates
  • Collect rent online on any day of the month, twice per month, or weekly
Landlord Software - Happy Tenants
Happy Tenants
  • Receive e-mail reminders and receipts with customizable options
  • Pay with your bank account or with cash at one of MoneyGram's retail locations
  • Use AutoPay to automatically make payments or choose to authorize each payment separately ...anytime & anywhere
  • Stop writing checks and worrying about late or lost mail
  • Split rent with roommates
  • See lease terms and payment history
Landlord Software - Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
  • Better Business Bureau rating: A
  • Property management software with bank-level encryption
  • Never risk giving tenants your bank account information
  • Never hassle with lost or stolen checks
  • Online rent collection is safer than checks
  • Allow or stop partial payments
  • Instantly stop additional payments from a tenant by marking a tenant as inactive
"Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service and support! I will surely let all of my peers with rentals know about this fantastic experience."
- Amanda K., Iowa
"I liked it a lot. I can see what I owe and pay electronically. I can see my history and if my roommate paid. Everybody should do it this way."
- Kim T., NM

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