It's easy to see your rent collection status on the unit dashboard

Landlord Software Unit Dashboard

It's easy to see how much rent is due, received, and scheduled in the future. You can also collect, track, and release security deposits and pre-paid rent.

Some of the fields and features include

  • Unit: Select a unit
  • Rental Agreement: Select the current rental agreement or any past rental agreement for this unit
  • Review: View all tenant(s) on the rental agreement and the current rent due, other due, and credit balance
  • Security Deposit and Pre-paid Rent: Collect, track the status, and release back to tenants
  • Rental History: View the complete rental history of all charges and payments, including how the tenant paid (bank account, MoneyGram, credit card) and when funds will be in your bank account
  • Late and Return Fees: Easily waive fees by clicking the trash can icon or stop new late fees by checking the "waive future late fees" box
  • Add Deposit/Pre-paid Rent: Add a security deposit or pre-paid rent. Balances are shown in the summary section and are easily released back to the tenant
  • Add Fee or Rent: Easily add additional rent or add fees, such as a utility bill
  • Reduce Rent: Easily reduce the amount owed by entering a credit
  • Tenant Pays You Directly: When a tenant pays you directly, enter the payment so everyone can see a full history and to send a payment receipt
  • Refund Tenant: Move a credit balance back to a tenant. The landlord needs to write a check or otherwise transfer the money to the tenant

Landlord software links

  • Send Rental Application
    Easily send applicants a link so they can fill out an online rental application
  • Leases
    Easily add, edit, or delete a lease
  • Tenant Status - See the status of each tenant
    See if each tenant has: created an account, completed setup, validated a bank account, signed up for AutoPay
    Landlord Software - Tenant Status Screen
  • Tenant e-Mail - See all e-mails that tenants have been sent
    Always know what your tenants have been sent
    Landlord Software - Tenant e-Mail Screen
  • Allocate Payment
    Each lease allows payments to be applied to either the oldest charge first, rent first, or fees first. If you have a special need, you can make a payment be applied to a specific charge
  • Reporting
    Download excel or CSV files with a full history, overdue charges, deposits, rent roll, payments, billing, or expenses
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