Pay Rent Online

It's easy to Pay Rent Online

Benefits when you Pay Rent Online with Landlord Software

  • Receive reminders when rent is due
  • Review and pay rent online from your computer, tablet, or phone
  • Split rent with your roommates
  • Pay rent online from your bank account or with your credit/debit card
  • Pay rent with cash at any MoneyGram location
  • Receive payment receipts and see a complete payment history on your tenant portal / resident portal
  • Stop mailing checks or meeting your landlord to pay rent
  • Your "check is lost in the mail" is gone forever
  • You're safe. Bank-level encryption and validation (AES-256)

Choose the payment option that is best for you

  • AutoPay: Automatically pay rent online every month. You receive a notice five days before each payment as a reminder...your rent will be automatically paid unless you decide to change it.
  • Authorize Each Payment:You receive a reminder seven days and two days before your rent is due. You must authorize the date and amount of each payment.

You can turn AutoPay on or off at any time. You can also change the amount or date of your next rent payment at any time.

How to Pay Rent Online

  • See what is due
  • If you have roommates, you can see what they have scheduled to pay
  • Review your AutoPay and Manually Scheduled Payments and change if needed
  • Schedule new payments...any date and amount
  • See Lease Terms and Rent Payment History for everyone on your lease

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How do I sign up?

When your landlord enters your lease, you will automatically receive an email invitation. Click the custom link within that email to sign up. The only way for you to sign up is by receiving an invitation from your landlord.

If you have not received an email, please check that the email is not in your spam folder and your landlord has your correct email address.

Tenants, ask your landlord if you can Pay Rent Online with ScheduleMyRent Landlord Software.