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  • If you like an application, easily request a full credit and background check

Sunset Apartments has invited you to fill out an application through ScheduleMyRent.

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Welcome Sue,

You have been invited to fill out an application. After you fill it out, you will be able to review, edit, and share the application.

Let's get started by clicking the application button below.

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ScheduleMyRent Team

Applicants receive an e-mail or link

Applicants fill out the online rental application
(enter on computer, tablet, or phone)

Online Rental Application - Custom Requirements and Disclosures

Custom requirements and disclosures (optional)

  • You can add this custom section with any requirements or disclosures that you want an applicant to see
  • Applicants are required to click the "I agree" box to continue
  • This text is only an example. Please consult with your attorney to comply with your state and local requirements.

Online Rental Application - Personal Information

Personal information

  • Legal Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone Number

Online Rental Application - Employment History

Employment history

  • Employer
  • Title
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Monthly income
  • Address
  • Contact name, e-mail, and phone
  • Comments
  • Upload proof of employment history (pay stub, etc.)

Online Rental Application - Additional Income

Additional income

  • Source
  • Monthly amount
  • Comments
  • Upload proof of additional income (pay stub, statement, etc.)

Online Rental Application - Residence History

Residence History

  • Move-in date
  • Move-out date
  • Monthly rent
  • Address
  • Landlord name, address, and phone
  • Comments
  • Upload resident history documents (utility bills, lease, etc.)

Online Rental Application - References


  • Reference name, email, and phone
  • Relationship
  • Years known
  • Comments

Online Rental Application - Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

  • Emergency contact name, email, and phone
  • Relationship
  • Comments

Online Rental Application - Occupants

Other Occupants

  • Name
  • Comments

Online Rental Application - Pets


  • Name
  • Type
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Description
  • Comments
  • Upload pet information (picture of the pet, shot records, service animal papers, etc.)

Online Rental Application - Other Questions

Other Questions
(Additional information is requested on the online rental application if the answer is yes)

  • Do you smoke?
  • Have you filed for bankruptcy in the last 7 years?
  • Have you ever been evicted?
  • Have you ever stopped paying rent when it was due?
  • You can add additional custom questions to this section from the setup/application screen

Online Rental Application - Co-applicant or Co-signer

Co-applicants and Co-signers

  • Name, e-mail, and phone
  • Relationship
  • Comments

Online Rental Application - Additional Documentation

Additional Documentation

  • Upload any other documentation for the landlord to consider

Online Rental Application - Sharing

Online Rental Application sharing

  • Landlord name, e-mail, and phone
  • Applicant Authorization Box:
    I authorize an investigation of my credit, tenant history, banking, employment, income, criminal background, and other information provided regarding my rental application.

You are updated when an online application is complete

Reply-To: Schedule My Rent Support
Application for 100 Sunset #1

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Hi Bill,

An application has been shared with you. Please login to your account and look under applications on the left menu bar to view the application.

You can also request a full credit report and background check from the applicant by clicking on the credit and background check button.

  • Unit: Sunset Apartments #1
  • Applicant Name: Sue Smith
Go to your custom application

If the link above does not work, copy this URL into your web browser's address bar:


ScheduleMyRent Team

Landlords receive an e-mail when an applicant shares an application.

Sort and filter your list of online rental applications

Online Application List - Sort and Filter

Online Rental Application List

  • Sort by the unit, date/time, or by the applicant's name
  • Filter the list by the unit, date/time, and by the applicant's name
  • View: Click to see the completed application
  • Hide: Click when you are done reviewing an application. You can always un-hide an application if you need to review it again.
  • Credit & Background Check: Click and the applicant is automatically sent a request to authorize and pay for a full credit and background check. You are notified when the applicant does this.

Take notes on your online rental application approval/decline decision

Online Rental Application - Decision Notes

Decision Notes

  • Use this section to record the approval/decline status and any notes you wish to keep. This section is optional and only viewable by the landlord.
  • Approval State: Select if the application was approved or declined
  • Notes: Add notes about the applicant and decision

Customize your application

Online Rental Application - Custom requirements and disclosures

Custom requirements and disclosures

  • Enter custom requirement and disclosure text that will be shown at the top of applications
  • This text is only an example. Please consult with your attorney to comply with your state and local requirements.

Custom questions

  • Enter one or more custom questions that will be shown on your application
  • Check mark the "Is answer required?" box if you require the applicant to provide an answer for this question
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