Our Landlord Software

Landlord Software Features for landlords and tenants

Collect Rent Online - Single Sign-on across all your businesses
Single sign-on for all your businesses
Rental Property Management Software - Advertise Vacant Units
Advertise vacancies across multiple web sites
Landlord Software - Online Rental Application
Online application with customizable requirements, disclosures, and questions
Property Management Software - Full Credit Report
Full credit report including score and trade lines
Tenant Screening - Full Background Check
National background including evictions, criminal, sex offender
Landlord Software - Weekly Rent Collection
Custom rent collection - weekly, twice per month, monthly
Collect Rent Online - Pay Rent Online Reminders
Tenants receive reminders when rent is due or late
Rental Property Management Software - Split Rent Amount Tenants
Tenants can split rent among roommates, select AutoPay, and make one-time payments
Landlord Software - Cash Rental Payment
Tenants can pay using cash at MoneyGram in Walmart, CVS, and other retailers
Landlord Software - Pay Rent with Bank Account or Credit Card or Cash
Tenants can pay using a bank account, credit or debit card
Landlord Software - Pay Rent Receipts
Tenants receive authorization and payment receipts with our landlord software
Landlords can receive rent same-day using QuickPay
Collect Rent Online - Stop Partial Rent Payments
Allow or stop tenants from making partial payments
Landlord Software - Easy to Reconcile Bank Statement
Control order that payments are applied - rent, fees, or oldest first
Rental Property Management Software - Flexible Deposits
Separate deposits for each unit or combined by business with our landlord software
Rental Property Management Software - Pay Rent To Different Bank Accounts
Deposit into different bank accounts by lease and by rent, pre-paid rent, and security deposit
Rental Property Management Software - Bank Statement
Easy balancing with custom deposit descriptions shown on your bank statement
Rental Property Management Software - Late Fee - Return Fee
Custom late fees with one-time and daily fee options. Landlords keep fees.
Property Management Software - Return Fee
Automatically add return (bounce) fees which landlord keeps with landlord software from Schedule My Rent
Rental Property Management Software - Multiple Dashboards
Easily review your status with unit and multi-unit dashboards
Rental Property Management Software - Daily Summary Email
Receive a daily e-mail summary every day your payment status changes
Property Management Software - Download Data into Excel
Data exports to excel or CSV files
Property Management Software - Reports
Rent roll, charges-fees, deposit, and other reports
Collect Rent Online - Late Cutoff and Weekend Processing
Weekend processing and late cutoff times
Rental Property Management Software - Track Expenses
Upload expense receipts, split among units, and categorize for tax
Rental Property Management Software - Save Lease Agreement
Upload and save leases, move-in pictures, and other documents
Rental Property Management Software - Share Documents
Share leases and documents with tenants. Tenants can also share with you.
Rental Property Management Software - Maintenance Request
Tenants can upload pictures and videos of maintenance requests
Rental Property Management Software - Support
Phone, chat, and e-mail support
Rental Property Management Software - Custom Setup
Custom setup for large properties

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