Automated Tenant e-Mails
Rental Property Software

Rental Property Software

Rental property software automatically notifies tenants to save you time. Tenants always know when rent is due.

  • Courtesy Reminders: Tenants on AutoPay are reminded that their next payment will be made automatically on the due date.
  • Authorization Reminders: Tenants are reminded that they need to authorize a payment. When tenants authorize a payment, an authorization receipt is automatically sent.
  • Warning Reminders and Past Due Notices: Tenants receive a "warning - don't be late" reminder when rent is close to being late and a late notice when it is late.
  • Payment Receipts: When tenants make a payment, either through ScheduleMyRent landlord software or directly with the landlord, they always receive an e-mail receipt.
  • Landlord Change Notifications: Tenants receive notifications when landlords add or remove rent or fees on the rental property software.
  • Late Fee Notices and Return Fee Notices: Tenants receive notifications when a late fee is added and when a return fee is added. Tenants are also notified if a landlord waives or reinstates a late fee.

Below are sample e-mails that tenants may receive. Click on each tab to see details.

Rental Property Software saves you time with automated e-mails.