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by Kris

Posted on Thursday December 28, 2017 at 08:25AM in Software Updates

Landlord Software for Rental Payments - Deposit Report 


Schedule My Rent landlord software offers a deposit report that shows all deposits over the dates selected. This report is often used to match deposits from Schedule My Rent with deposits on the landlord's bank account.  The bank account for each deposit is listed on the report, which makes it easy for landlords that deposit money into multiple bank accounts.

This report has a summary view, which provides a summary number of fields, and a full view, which provides a complete list of all fields.  This report can be downloaded in either a Comma Separated Values (CSV) format or an Excel format which allows further customization within Excel or other programs.

 Simply select the Reporting button on the landlord dashboard.  Then select:

  • Report Type: Deposit
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Report Style: Summary or Full
  • Data Format: CSV or Excel 

Click Export File to download the report.

Each row in the report shows the following information: (* Full Report only)

  • Reference Number*:  The Schedule My Rent reference number for the deposit
  • Bank Label: The name of the bank account that was created by the landlord
  • Deposit Date:  The date that funds are put into the bank account
  • Deposit Amount: The total amount of the deposit
  • Month/year:  The month and year of the deposit
  • Unit Label: The name of the unit that was created by the landlord
  • Type of Deposit: The type of deposit: deposit or Schedule My Rent's monthly fee
  • Who Paid: The name of the tenant(s) that made the payment
  • Type of Payment: The type of payment that was collected: rent or fee
  • Authorized Date: The date that the tenant authorized the payment.  If the payment was authorized after the afternoon cutoff time, the payment will be withdrawn from the tenant's account on the following business day.
  • Rent Amount*: The amount of rent collected
  • Fee Amount*: The amount of fees collected
It's easy to balance your bank account with Schedule My Rent Landlord Software for rental payments.

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