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Landlord Software to Collect Rent Online - Rent Roll

by Kris

Posted on Wednesday January 24, 2018 at 05:52AM in Software Updates

Landlord Software for Rental Payments - Rent Roll Report

Property Management Software - Rent Roll Report

Schedule My Rent landlord software offers a Rent Roll report that lists all units, lease dates, and tenants.  This report is often used for mortgage and other loan companies that require property status information.  This report is run with a specific date to show the leases and tenants that were effective on that date. 

This report can be downloaded in either a Comma Separated Values (CVS) format or an Excel format which allows further customization within Excel or other programs.

 Simply select the Reporting button from the landlord dashboard. Then select:

  • Report Type: Rent Roll
  • Report Date
  • Data Format: CSV (comma separated value) or XLS (Excel)
  • Click Export File to download the report

Each row in the report shows the following information:

  • Business: Business name that tenants see for this unit
  • Street: Street address where unit is located
  • Secondary Address: Secondary street address where unit is located
  • City: City where unit is located
  • State: State where unit is located
  • Zip: Zip code where unit is located
  • Unit: Unit name that landlord has assigned to this unit
  • Status: Occupied or Vacant
  • Lease Start Date: Date that lease started
  • Lease End Date: Date that lease ended if there is a fixed end date.  If month to month, there may not be an end date listed.
  • Month to Month: Blank or "Month to Month"
  • Rent Amount: Dollar amount of the monthly rent
  • Residents : List of residents listed on lease

It's easy to see all units and their status when you collect rent online with Schedule My Rent Landlord Software.

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