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Save Time - Online Rent Payments

  • Remind tenants every time a payment is due
  • Collect rent from tenant’s bank account or tenant can pay with cash at any MoneyGram location. Find a location near you
  • Stop the hassle of lost mail and risk of cash
  • Split rent between roommates
  • Send rent to your bank account
  • Manage late rent, check returns, and fees
  • Keep updated every step of the way with email summaries and the best dashboard in the industry
Reasons to Automate
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Questions and Answers - Online Rent Payments

ScheduleMyRent is a modern, easy-to-use way to collect rent online. Save time by automatically reminding tenants and collecting rent. The best landlord and tenant portals in the industry.

How do I pay my rent online?

  • Log in to pay your rent online
  • Review all of the rent items that are due
  • Select one of the payment options listed or select "Other" to create a custom payment
  • You automatically receive a confirmation when you schedule a rent payment and a receipt when the payment is made

How should I collect rent?

  • Offer tenants an online way to collect rent
  • Landlords and tenants should each have an online portal so everyone always knows what is due, what payments are scheduled, and can review a complete online history any time and anywhere
  • Offer AutoPay, where payments occur automatically every month
  • Offer Manual Payments, where a tenant can create a custom payment if they need to
  • Choose good tenants. Rent collection is much easier if you only select qualified tenants with a good history of paying rent
  • Enforce your rent collection policy consistently

What does my tenant see?

Setting up a Business(s), Property(s), and Bank Account(s)

Collecting Money (With a lease and with one-time charges)

My Money

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For additional help with Online Rent Payments, there are help videos and a blue help button on most pages.

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