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Features for Mobile Home Landlords

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Posted on Saturday February 13, 2021 at 03:56PM in General

Features for Mobile Home Landlords

Features for Mobile Home Landlords

When managing different types of rental properties it is important to keep in mind the needs of your renters based on what type of rental they are living in. Rental types can include apartments, multi-family homes, condos, townhomes, single-family homes, and mobile homes. Providing your tenants with the most convenient features for their rental will give them a great rental experience and more likely to keep renting your property. Schedule My Rent has features that make renting and rent collection easy and convenient for tenants in any rental type. In this article, we will discuss the best features for landlords and tenants in mobile home properties.

1. Rent payments in cash

Cash rental payments can be the best option for renters in mobile home properties who might not have access to a bank account, or a way to pay their rent online. With Schedule My Rent’s MoneyGram feature tenants can go to any MoneyGram location, such as CVS or Walmart, and safely and securely pay their rent on time. If you are already collecting cash payments from your tenants in person, this feature will save you the time of coordinating and scheduling a meeting with your renter at their property or another location. Additionally, this eliminates the danger of both parties carrying large sums of cash, and provides both you and your tenant with a safe, easy, and secure rent payment option.

2. Credit and background reports

When renting out your rental property you want to make sure you can trust your tenants to pay their rent on time and obey your property rules. In lower income rental environments, such as mobile home properties, a credit report is not as essential. Most of your potential tenants are not in the position to have an excellent credit score, so a low credit score may not disqualify an applicant. It is more important to rely on background checks, interviews, and letters of reference from past landlords and bosses.

3. Customizable rent due dates

When renting to tenants it is important to keep in mind when the best time to collect rent from them is. If your renters are lower income and living paycheck to paycheck then it might be most convenient to collect rent once a week or twice per month. This helps tenants better meet their rental deadlines, because less cumulative saving is involved, and you are more likely to receive rent on time. Schedule My Rent has this feature of collecting rent weekly, twice per month, or monthly on any customizable due date.

4. Late payments

It can be difficult to consistently receive rent payments on time every month, especially in a lower income rental situation. Through Schedule My Rent’s rental property management software, you can customize late fees and chose when you would like to begin collecting late fees and what percentage of the rent or amount your tenants will be charged when a late payment is made. You can also easily add daily late fees. Daily late fees may provide additional incentive for a tenant to pay since additional fees are added every day.  If you would like to provide your tenants with some leeway, it is simple to remove or cancel late fees. Tenants are able to receive notifications through the system to remind them when their rental due date is approaching, so they can always be aware of when they need to make a payment.

5. Tracking expenses

A property management software that has an expense tracking feature, such as Schedule My Rent, allows landlords to keep all their property costs in one organized place. Photo uploading is available through Schedule My Rent which allows you to upload documentation of expenses such as receipts to the site. You are also able to categorize your expenses (this helps a lot when reporting expenses for your taxes). Another aspect of expense tracking allows you to split an expense across multiple properties. For example, the cost of landscapers who work on multiple yards can be recorded across different properties.

6. Easily add utility and other bills

The costs of utilities can be included in the cost of a mobile home rental or lot rates, but they might be separate and charged as utility expenses. If you decide to charge your tenants separately for utilities, you can easily add utility payments and other bills to the tenants account through the landlord dashboard.

7. Maintenance Requests

Either you or a tenant can enter a maintenance request into Schedule My Rent, which includes the type of issue, priority, and a picture.  Landlords and tenants can then respond to email about the status of the maintenance request and all responses are stored, tracked, and kept together so that you have a complete history of the correspondence if there are questions. 

8. Section 8 partial payments

If you are renting to tenants involved in section 8 where the government makes part of their rental payments, you can easily adjust their rent amount to account for that. Landlords can simply manually enter the payments made on behalf of the government into the system.

9. Online customizable applications

When applying online, Schedule My Rent allows landlords to customize their rental application, send an online rental application, stay updated through the application process, and organize the application review. The online application allows potential tenants to write comments and upload images for documentation in many sections. For additional information on our online rental application process visit Online Rental Application

It is important to know what is most convenient for your tenants in their current rental situation to give them a great rental experience. We hope this information on helpful features for renting to tenants at mobile home properties was helpful! For more information visit or call at (844) 465-3339.

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