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Tips to Create a Property Management System Strategy

by Kris

Posted on Wednesday June 23, 2021 at 08:38PM in General

Tips to Create a Property Management System Strategy

Property Management System

Creating and implementing an effective property management system strategy is essential for a profitable rental property’s continued success. Improperly managing a property can quickly lead to significant issues that could cost a property owner money and reputation. Managers running multiple properties or properties with multiple units need property management software and a strategy to use it effectively and efficiently.

Organizing and maintaining your property management system will help you keep tabs on all aspects of the operation. It allows you to anticipate the unexpected and handle minor issues before they become major problems. Setting up a new strategy from scratch or reexamining an existing plan provides the opportunity to create a new system that monitors the progress of all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship to make sure you never get caught off guard.

What is a Property Management System?

A property management system, commonly referred to as a PMS, is computer software that provides a centralized location to organize, schedule, and perform daily activities involved in running a rental property. Implementing a strategy using a PMS increases efficiency by customizing your scheduling and record-keeping needs.

Your property management system should handle all aspects of running the property while streamlining the relationship between you and your tenants. A well-run and organized PMS strategy can increase tenant retention and satisfaction rates while saving you money in various operational and maintenance areas. An effectively run PMS is an indispensable tool for modern property management in the technological age.

7 Tips for Running Property Management Systems

Maintaining a rental property is a complicated, involved, ongoing process comprised of many moving and changing parts. A PMS is used to keep maintenance and tenant records organized to maximize your time and budget.

Even the best system to manage rental properties is only as good as the strategies implemented by those running it. The only way to fully take advantage of a property management system’s functions and features is to customize a plan that services your specific setup and addresses your tenants’ needs.

The following are some common-sense tips for establishing an efficient and revenue-generating property management system strategy.

1. Clearly Document Lease Agreement Responsibilities

The rental lease is the single most important document relating to a residential or commercial property rental. The lease must clearly lay out the tenant’s responsibilities to avoid surprises and help mitigate any disputes. The landlord also holds specific duties that need to be outlined in detail by the lease, ensuring both sides enter the agreement with complete transparency.

2. Implement Property Inspection Schedule

The only way to know for sure that your rental units are being properly taken care of is to include regular inspections of the property as part of your overall property management strategy. Regularly scheduled inspections provide the chance to change filters, inspect fire extinguishers, and perform smoke detector tests throughout the property. Being proactive and physically examining all property areas allows you to schedule needed service calls and update or replace systems before problems occur.

3. Comprehensive Maintenance and Financial Record Keeping

Running a rental property with multiple units and tenants involves processing a lot of paperwork and documentation. One of the greatest benefits of digital property management systems is the ability to customize the organization of all of your important, ongoing documents. Inspection records, service maintenance histories, and purchase receipts are kept in a centralized location and should be viewed and monitored regularly. Set up notices and automated reminders to ensure all matters are taken care of properly.

4. Create Seasonal Strategies

The interior and exterior maintenance and repair needs of your rental property vary depending on the season. Seasonal maintenance strategies adjust to annual changes in the weather. Anticipate each season’s needs and plan to help make sure the property is safe and looking its best throughout the year. Scheduling annual cleanings and system inspections will adequately prepare you for each season and save you money on updates and repairs.

5. Provide Exceptional Communication to Tenants, Contractors, & Vendors

Communication helps prevent and mitigate nearly any problems or issues that come up with your tenants, contractors, and vendors. The digital age offers more chances than ever to communicate easily and quickly. Having an efficient system to accept and process tenant maintenance and repair requests will help keep communication lines open when your renters need it the most. Creating portals for tenants to connect offers a more streamlined approach that can automate and simplify the process for both you and your tenants.

6. Maintain an Emergency Fund

Unexpected circumstances can derail the best PMS without an emergency fund as part of your overall strategy. Planning for emergencies can help to save you money and hassle when unexpected circumstances and expenses occur. Creating a reactive maintenance strategy provides a quick response in times of crisis. An emergency account should also be maintained by adding a certain amount each month, so there is always something in reserve when you need it most.

7. Establish End of Lease Protocols & Checklists

The tenant-landlord relationship’s most tenuous part is when the lease ends, and the tenant moves off the property. It is crucial to have a strategy for quickly preparing the unit for the next tenant. You do not make any money on an empty unit, and you lose revenue with every day that goes by before replacing a tenant. An end-of-the-lease checklist will spotlight trouble areas that may need extra work before the property can be shown to prospective new tenants.

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